akashic records

But just what is an Akashic record? And how is it that akashic records affect everyone. The mystic or spiritual belief is that everyone has an accurate record of their life. This accurate recording entails their past, present and future. The present, without the aid of a mystic or spiritual adviser, you would have thought, does not require much input, seeing as though you are already living in its midst. But just how aware are people of their immediate surroundings? This is how endless conflicts seem to arise.

The human mind is unfortunately precluded to inward thinking, seemingly only focused on those immediate things it feels less pressured into doing. Of course, it goes without saying that most productive men and women endeavor to focus on their priorities. But just how much more could they achieve if they were more aware of their immediate surroundings and beyond. The belief is that it is, indeed, necessary to look back to the past. Many people do, however, have this buried in their subconscious.

They can act it out in rather peculiar and unhelpful ways. And certainly there is this unfortunate case of always looking back with regret, contrary to the wise counsel that says that people must be able to put the past behind them and keep looking forward. Speaking of which, just how is it possible that akashic records are able to foresee what can happen to someone in the future. This is possible, however, and all will be revealed once you pay that special mystic, all too familiar with the Seven Mystic Rings, a visit.

It would be awesome to have that kind of power in your hands. Of course, this is not something that you will be allowed to abuse.