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Sewer Repair Services Now Sustainable

Sewer repair services has got to be one of the dirtiest and most dangerous of technical jobs to process. Why is this the case? Well, for one thing, if you are able to take a view of what lies beneath the surface of the ground, you would be appalled. This is what the urban cities’ sewerage networks were designed to do. To carry all waste material to a processing depot where the waste can be filtered and disposed of in a manner that is safe to the urban environment and its surroundings.

But over the years, this has not quite happened. As cities grew and industrial nodes sprang up, sewerage networks began to take strain. They were over-polluted and it becomes even more of a challenge for conventional technicians, your plumbers in the main, to clean and repair damaged sewerage networks. In response to this precarious state of affairs, a number of sustainable and effective technologies have been developed and put into practice, one such practice being that of trenchless sewer repair.

And it is exactly as the name suggests. For upgraded sewer repair and maintenance technicians, there is no longer a need to go down into those dark and dangerous tunnels. First down the manhole goes a digitally powered video camera. This device is used to give a full inspection of damage done before repairs are initiated. And should it be deemed necessary, the process of trenchless sewer repair will commence. Amazingly, the old sewerage pipe never leaves the trenches. What happens is this.

trenchless sewer repair

Through rather ingenious and sustainable means, a new pipe gets built and layered over and around the old pipe. This repair, maintenance and installation process is billed as a sustainable development, meaning that it is also environmentally safe or friendly to utilize.