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Granite Colors for All Occasions

Planning a kitchen or bathroom remodeling can be a bit of a challenge. You have to decide what to use for counter tops and floors. You need to pick out good cabinets and much more. It is a good idea to use a designer and a building company so you can have the best job possible.

The very best type of stone to use in a new kitchen or bathroom is granite. It is good to know the most popular granite colors so you can make a good decision. Granite is mostly white, black, or gray. It is difficult to find pure white granite but if you can it is a good idea.

You can find plenty of white granite that has colored flecks in it. This is a standard in most kitchens and bathrooms. The white granite that is available gives a fresh and spacious look to your new kitchen or bathroom. Ideally, you will use the same granite in both projects for a type of match.

The next most common color is gray granite. It comes in a variety of different grays. You will need to pick out the shade that you like the most. Go online or go to a granite show room so you can see all the different options. This and black are by far the most popular.

most popular granite colorstips on picking granite colors

Black granite is very tough and good to use. It has a clean and sharp look in any kitchen or bathroom. No granite really stains but this one is perfect when you have a regularly messy kitchen. It looks good on countertops or on floors.

It is good to learn some tips on picking granite colors. For the most part, it is going to be based on the color of the cabinets you choose. You will most likely be choosing your new cabinets first, before you get to the granite decision.

Paint colors will also influence the color of granite that you decide on. However, since the painting is usually done last, you can more easily choose a paint to match the new kitchen or bathroom designs after the granite has been put in. Do it either way but it is best to match the paint to the granite.

Granite also comes in other colors like reds and greens. You can even find blue. These colors are very rare so you are looking at a higher price tag. At the same time, you can do a lot with these interesting colors. It will make your kitchen or bathroom design look highly unique and special.

It is a good plan to work with a designer if you are having trouble deciding on the right colors. Not everybody is made for home design work. It is a challenge that you do not have to handle alone. Find a good designer in your area and tell them what your vision is.

No matter what, you want to make the right decision. Going with any of the most popular colors of granite is a good plan.